Parliament Adopted the Amendments in the Renewable Energy Act

The postponed for more than two years amendments to the Renewable Energy Act were hastily voted on 29.09.2023. by Parliament without substantial debate.

All this in the presence of record interest in requests for the construction of new RES - the total submitted projects are for over 40,000 MW, or three times more than all available energy capacities in the country.

The changes to be promulgated in the State Gazette and to enter into force immediately are generally the following:

  • A restriction on the revenue of RES commissioned by 2015 was introduced within the preferential tariff on an annual basis
  • A special "fee" for investors is introduced, according to which a guarantee of BGN 50,000 must be paid within three months of receipt of an opinion on the conditions and manner of joining under the submitted application for each megawatt (MW) of capacity connected of the future energy site. The fee paid will be released when the site is connected to the network or will be offset against the price due by the manufacturer for the connection.
  • the connection procedures for small RES with a capacity of up to 1 MW (roof and facade structures) are facilitated by reducing the deadlines for research and issuing an opinion on the conditions and method of connection. However, the requirement to conclude a preliminary contract for the accession of these projects remains. A draft preliminary contract shall be submitted by the operator of the respective electrical network within 15 days of receipt of the manufacturer's request, and the term of the contract itself shall be two years.
  • Regulation of the energy communities is introduced for the first time
  • Priority areas for the construction of wind power plants will be established

After the publication of the amendments in the State Gazette, we will provide more details about them.