E-commerce and Digital marketing

Today’s digitalized world presents attractive opportunities to retailers and big players on the market to advertise and sell their products and services via the Internet. Selling and marketing online presents a few legal challenges as well. Our lawyers are dedicated to help you overcome those challenges in the most effective and professional manner.

Websites and mobile applications should be compliant with the relevant regulations on protecting consumers’ rights, including the right to receive clear and understandable information on the products and services, the terms and costs for delivery, the right to return the goods without reason within the legally set 14-day term, etc. Businesses should also be able to refrain from unfair competition practices while selling goods and services online, including any prohibited misleading or comparative advertising or unfair solicitation of clients.

E-commerce and Digital marketing

Operating on the EU market and targeting EU citizens requires observing the right to privacy and personal data protection and taking the appropriate measures to prevent data breaches, otherwise businesses would risk the high cost of GDPR monetary sanctions. A simple registration and creating a use profile on a website would have to be compliant with the data privacy regulations.

Our lawyers will work closely with you and review your digital platforms, already launched or in progress, to analyse what your online business requires from a legal point of view. We will assist you in drafting the legal documentation such as general terms and conditions, service agreements, privacy notices, discount cards terms and conditions, obligatory GDPR clauses with your IT providers being data processors, etc. Our team will advise you on any competition issues, which might arise. We will prepare the necessary documentation to make your mobile applications legally compliant as well.

Whether you use the Internet to target the audience with ads and informative leaflets or you conclude distant sales with your company website or mobile application, we will advise you on GDPR compliance and consumer friendly contents.

We will protect your interests in legal proceedings, including administrative restrictions, enforcement measures or monetary sanctions imposed by the Commission for consumer protection and the Commission for competition protection.

More and more companies combine their face-to-face interactions with customers with distance marketing and selling, thus making it possible to reach people at any time and any place. We advise companies from a broad variety of industries, who have started to operate their business online while preserving their traditional office/shop locations. We have advised strictly online players as well, whose business is solely digital.

Our clients range from fast food chains, designer gifts retailers and jewellery shops to travel agencies and providers of distance financial services, including insurance intermediary services. Almost every products and service could be marketed and sold online, with a few exceptions (for example, the law prohibits online marketing and sale of prescription medicinal products). Our goal is to tailor our advice according to the specific business of our clients and the legal requirements applicable to their industry and the type of products and services.

Our team has significant experience in successful appeals of sanctions and restrictions imposed on our clients by the administrative authorities, for example related to accusations of unfair trade practices against consumers.



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