Natalia Yordanova - Relevant Work

Using her experience of regulatory enforcement, Natalia regularly advises supervised firms under investigation by the FSC and their day-to-day communication with the authority. This experience allows her understand the approach of the regulator, and to evaluate appropriate tactics and strategy when defending cases, with a view to achieving the best possible outcome for her client.

Natalia has also an extensive and wide-ranging litigation experience, assisted multiple listed companies, REITs, investment firms, asset managers, SMEs, and their directors and principal shareholders in successfully challenging injunctions and penalties imposed by the FSC and other government authorities in administrative courts. She has presented cases of all levels of complexity, ranging from allegations of delayed disclosure to lengthy and complex market abuse cases. In one of her landmark cases, she has successfully represented an Austrian citizen in a court appeal against a penalty imposed on him by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission for alleged market manipulation.

During the last 5 years Natalia has acted for debt issuers, investment firms and REITs in more than 200 court cases vs the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission related to various capital market disputes, including infringement of disclosure requirements and MIFID rules and market abuse.

Natalia has worked with clients across the financial services and asset management sector on all aspects of securities law including amongst others in licensing and approval procedures, notifications, disclosure, conflicts of interest, capital adequacy, portfolio restrictions.