Bulgarian President vetoed amendments in the Administrative Procedure Code

Despite the public criticism and negative opinions of fifty NGOs, reputable local experts and also  of the Bulgarian Commission on Protection of Competition, Bulgarian Parliament adopted controversial amendments in the Administrative Procedure Code in the last days before its summer holiday. 

The President of Bulgaria opposed to the amendments concerning a „drastic increase” of state fees for appeals before the administrative court of cassation, the changes of local jurisdiction for the appeal of competition and public procurement proceedings, the introduction of closed cassation court hearings and removing cassation for certain type of cases. 

The reasoning of the veto is that “these provisions will reduce the ability of administrative courts to be one of the main factors that guarantee balance and controls between the different branches of government and the rule of law, thus endangering the lawful and democratic nature of the modern state”.

The rehearing by the Parliament of the amendments in the Administrative Procedure Code is now postponed till September 2018.