Iordan’s market firsts, prior to co-founding Stoeva Tchompalov & Znepolski include, among others:

  • the €65 million 4.5% secured exchangeable bonds issued by a wholly owned Dutch subsidiary of a Bulgarian corporate, being the first exchangeable bonds transaction in Bulgaria;
  • the IPO of TechnomarketDomo N.V., the Netherlands, a leading consumer electronics wholesale and retail group in Bulgaria and Romania, being the first dual listing and cross-border settlement project in Bulgaria;
  • the first Bulgarian IPO, comprising a global offer to international investors: the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund’s sale of 30% of the Bulgarian American Credit Bank;
  • the first Bulgarian project of sponsored GDR listed at the London Stock Exchange: ordinary shares of the leading fuel distributor in Bulgaria Petrol AD combined with a right issue.

Additional highlights from Iordan’s transactional experience include:

  • EUR 400 million senior secured notes issued by Bulgarian Telecomunications Company EAD;
  • USD 125 million loan participation notes issued by a Dutch SPV for the purpose to on-lend the proceeds to a Bulgarian bank.
  • EUR 22 million convertible loan with PIK interest executed by a Swiss company (as a borrower);
  • dual listing of one of the Bulgarian leading pharmaceutical firms Sopharma AD in Warsaw.
  • the Pass-Through Notes issued by an Irish entity linked to bonds exchangeable for the shares of a Bulgarian corporate.
  • The €70 million 7% unsecured convertible bonds issued by the major shareholder of the largest Bulgarian holding company and registered with the international clearing systems Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. and Clearstream Banking, societe anonyme;
  • the 9% 90,000,000 mandatory convertible preferred non-voting shares of a Bulgarian holding company;
  • the First Investment Bank’s €90 million IPO and listing on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the first Bulgarian combined offering of new and existing shares;
  • the Petrol AD €100,000,000 8.375 per cent. 5 years Eurobond.